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The Nomads

Prices in: 

The customer is always right... if you follow these notes!

Time of delivery after receiving shipping confirmation:
- SCANDINAVIA 2-4 days
- EUROPE 3-7 days
(sometimes even longer), depending very much of where in the world you decided to lay your hat. 
We decline responsiblity for a lazy post-man, whatever that means? Hold on Hold out & have a little faith!! 

Credit card (Works from any dump all around the world)


 accept VISA and MasterCard.
The system of payment is developed by DIBS and protects you as a consumer. All transactions via DIBS pass through a lock via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and is crypted for your saftety. The amount will be taken from your acount the same minute as you approve your transaction.

All our products are made of highest quality! 

Incorrect goods and services 

Contact: order@deaf-dumb.com

Incorrect reported address
- If you for some reason type an address that is incorrect, DEAF & DUMB will not take responsibility for where your parcel might show up, alright!

Complaint, exchange or “return to sender” / Elvis Presley
- You have to return an article before 14 days. Payment for the freight is the customers matter.

If an exchange is required customer have to pay freight both ways.

Regret of purchase
- Return before 14 days.

NOTICE that you still have to pay freight for the order when you make use of the regret of purchase.

Any question! Don’t hesitate to give us a ring +46 (0)526-590059 (between 9 – 11 a.m)
or drop us a letter order@deaf-dumb.com

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